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Canada has been a leader in Aesthetic Medicine practises from producing legends such as the Carruthers to Dr. Mullholland and presently Canadian Standards and practises are becoming a global leader in the field of Aesthetics from education to best practise guidelines for all health care practitioners internationally. This Expo will bring together global leaders to demonstrate their proven evidence-based practises after years of experience.
The Canadian Aesthetics Expo is the fastest growing educational conference of its kind and since it became virtual in 2021, CAMExpo have attracted an international audience of 2000+ practitioners for this inaugural event.
Tradeshows are one of the most useful tools to attract new business and have accessibility to a large number of practitioners in a short period of time. Sponsors will be given a list of all attendees who had stopped by your virtual booth.
Our attendees include:
– Physician and Medical Directors
– Dentists
– Nurse Practitioners
– Physician Assistants
– Registered Nurses
– Clinical Owners and Managers


Becoming a sponsor to the highly anticipated event of the year has never been easier. Kindly fill out the form below and our Show Manager from the Canadian Aesthetics Expo will be in touch. You may also contact us at natasha@camaesthetics.ca or 416-537-7774 x102