Francine Young focus lies in administering non-surgical restorative treatments for the face and body, such as PDO Thread Lift, Botox, dermal fillers, laser, and skin improvement procedures. Her 15 years of experience in aesthetics have allowed her to treat a diverse set of patients across the globe. With a knack for accommodating various skin types, ethnicities, and lifestyle requirements, she adeptly employs different technologies to amplify the inherent beauty of each patient.

From a young age, Francine was captivated by aesthetics, inspired by her aunt’s talent for transforming brides with her professional makeup skills. This fascination sparked Francine’s journey to help individuals look and feel their absolute best.

Her dedication as an aesthetic practitioner has gained recognition from medical firms and doctors worldwide. When not attending to her patients, Francine travels globally to train and share her knowledge with other medical professionals.

Francine earned dual bachelor’s degrees in biology and applied ecology from the University of California, Irvine, and an associate degree in nursing from Golden West College. Furthering her education, she has obtained certificates in the latest aesthetic procedures, including PDO Thread lifts, liquid facelifts, body reshaping, and laser treatments.

Francine Young