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Step into the world of unparalleled science, beauty, and innovation at the Canadian Aesthetics Expo 2024, where industry pioneers and passionate professionals converge to shape the future of Aesthetic Medicine. Discover cutting-edge techniques, network with global experts, and immerse yourself in an inspiring experience that will elevate your career.

October 18-20




Welcome to the Largest Medical Aesthetics Conference in Canada

The Canadian Aesthetic Expo is a groundbreaking North American conference that curates unique scientific discussions for aesthetics practitioners. Our presentations are based on evidence-based knowledge, debates, and panel discussions with leading experts in aesthetic medicine. Unlike any other conference globally, our scientific discussions are unbiased, non-sponsored, and demonstrate off-label techniques, offering true, unfiltered expertise dedicated to the highest quality of education with a touch of business insight.

Immerse yourself in a 3-day journey and join us for live demonstrations and the latest advancements in Aesthetic Medicine in a collaboration over competition environment. The event offers unparalleled access to innovative trends, evidence-based practices, and industry leaders, making it your gateway to the future of cosmetic dermatology and aesthetic innovation.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of education during the day and create nights filled with luxury, extravagance, and sophistication.

2024 VIP Speakers

You’ll Be Learning from the Best: Welcome the Elite Speakers of 2024!

Our Legacy

Where Past Successes Shape the Future of Aesthetics

Learn more about our Legacy of Innovation here. This is where we celebrate past aesthetics conferences that have shaped the future of our profession. Each gathering is a milestone in our journey to deliver safe and effective non-surgical advancements as well as an inspiration to keep going. Join us in honouring these special moments that continue to drive innovation and foster community in our field.

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2024 Event

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What Makes Us Unique

Fostering Excellence & Embracing Diversity in Learning

Certified Global Learning

Earn a certificate that symbolizes your commitment to global standards and continuous education.

Direct Interaction

Interact closely with esteemed faculty for tailored advice and valuable connections.

Evidence-Based Learning

Gain trustworthy, unbiased knowledge backed by the latest research.

Invaluable Hands-On Experience

Improve your skills and confidence by applying theory under expert guidance.

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