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Since earning his medical degree from Manchester University in 1999, Dr. Raj Acquilla has performed thousands of procedures, evolving into a foremost specialist in medical aesthetics, facial contouring, and non-surgical facelifts. He operates bustling clinics in London and Chester and runs his own facial aesthetics training academy. As a masterclass trainer, he imparts his profound knowledge and latest techniques to peers, both in-person and through digital platforms. His regular attendance at global conferences and congresses, coupled with his willingness to share his knowledge with peers, has earned him worldwide admiration and respect.

Beyond gracing every significant UK domestic conference, Dr. Raj Acquilla has given lectures in Europe, South Africa, Japan, India, Australia, and the USA. Honors include being named Speaker of the Year by the UK Aesthetic Awards and being recognized as one of the UK’s top cosmetic doctors by Tatler magazine. His active participation in scientific audits and research, along with his contribution to the advancement of innovative products and facial aesthetics methods, further solidifies his standing in the field.

Dr. Raj Acquilla is renowned globally for merging the analytical perspective of a scientist with the skillful finesse of an artist, thereby positioning himself as a leading authority in facial aesthetics. His expertise is sought after by those eager to learn from a master in the field.

Dr. Raj Acquilla